Are you a 'homepreneur'? Protect your successful business

Are you a ‘homepreneur’? Protect your successful business

Home-based businesses need insurance, too.
You made it! You turned your passion into a going concern. Maybe you turned your sewing hobby into an alterations business. Or perhaps you left corporate bookkeeping to strike out on your own. Congratulations on your successful, home-based business.
Now are you willing to bet your house on it?
That’s what you might be doing if you aren’t properly insured. Standard homeowner policies generally don’t cover business-related losses. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner’s home.
If you’re one of these business owners, a review of your situation may reveal that you need coverage for:
business supplies, inventory and equipment if a fire destroys your home
liability claims if a delivery employee trips and falls on the sidewalk while delivering a business package to your home
product liability if your product causes injury to a consumer
the cost to recover a stolen company laptop and lost business records
Your independent insurance agent can help you find the right coverage for small retail and service businesses operated from your residence, for example, bookkeepers, crafts makers, music teachers, secretarial services, tutors, home distributors, hairstylists and photographers. If your receipts are modest and you have a few or no employees, a residential business package may be right for you. But if your business activities exceed the requirements for a residential package, a small business policy may be a better fit.
If your primary business operates at your clients’ site, such as mowing, landscaping and snow removal, you probably won’t qualify for a home business package. You’ll also probably need more specialized insurance if you are a home childcare provider or cosmetics distributor. Your agent will know how to help you.
Don’t risk your home or the business you built. Make sure you have the protection you need.